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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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is wednesday december 26th, dave clark is off this morning. >> i am claudine wong, let's take a look at your weather, mark it is still wet out there. >> yes, all of a sudden we have a downpour and we have some rapid showers moving across the bay area. notice the snow showers and snow out towards the sierra and we still have lingering showers and tracking some of this activity out towards mill valley it does core respond to heavier rainfall rates. we have a quicker update with tara, good morning tara. >> reporter: that's right, that rain is catching up with us and i sort of had some rain catch up with me on my way to work.
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there is no traffic to report, look at the east shore freeway and east shore freeway is moving well as you make your way to the mcarthur maze. lorraine blanco is live with a power outage and any details with that, good morning lorraine. >> reporter: you can see there is no power in this neighborhood and pg&e is hard at work trying to restore power to as many customers as they can. a few hundred customers are without power off the 580 east in oakland and they say the power started as they crashed into a power pole right there. let's look at what we saw when we got closer to that crash. the driver of the nissan altima was going left when she
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crashed. she kept going yet crashed into another vehicle. she spun out, hit that power pole splashed it in half and knocked out power to 6,000 customers. that driver left the scene and police are looking for her this morning. pg&e will try to get power to a couple hundred customers in the next 30 minutes so it will be just a few dozen without power but those people will be without power until the late morning hours so it is going to be a very dark morning for many customers this morning at least 40 customers for the next five or six hours. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. well heavy rain pounded the bay area. the storm caused flooding on
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freeways. there was a accident as -- an accident in the caldecott tunnel and many responded during the rain storm. >> with any type of collision on the roadway where there is water it is typically going to be speed. just allow a little more following space when traveling behind other vehicles. >> they also had high winds on the bridges. despite steady rain, they stayed quiet last night. flooding damaged 7 hopes and one home remains red tagged. in overnight news 4 people were rushed to the hospital after a stabbing at a christmas party. it happened near the oakland
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inner harbor. an argument became violent when two sisters argued and one grabbed a knife. the one sister has been arrested. and claiming the life of a person in oakland. the victim was gunned down yesterday afternoon. they fired at the car and they ran after him but followed and this time fatally striking him. no arrests have been made. and a christmas eve service, a woman took a bullet to save her children. coming up, we will bring you that woman's remarkable story and tell you how she is doing. and a suicide base. a car bomb went off at the base
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of camp chapman. the blast killed two delivery truck drivers and the base has ended early in the past. they are turning back to the fiscal cliff and getting a deal on the table. he will leave hawaii tonight. the first lady and the president visited to thank troops for their service. >> this is where i was born and so we come back for our holidays but one of our favorite things is coming to the base on christmas day and having a chance to meet you. >> when he returns he plans on working to avoid tax increases and cuts to come must particular programs and those will take affect in 6 days. it was much -- weaker.
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it was just 7 / 10th and did scale back from 2. 5% but growth in holiday sales was greater than when it started. >> volunteers were closed to serving 5,000 christmas meals and glide is hoping to keep it going with a special day after christmas breakfast. meals will be served until 9:30 a.m. >> the agency will offer free rides on friday to celebrate its 100th year in service. they start at 5:00 a.m. on friday. >> yes, that's right, let's go to tara, she is filling in for
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sal castaneda. >> i noticed an extra smile. i think we'll see a lot of trouble in parking lots. you can see the east shore freeway no delays to speak of. the rain sneaks up and then it starts pouring again so be careful. traffic is flowing nicely let's go to mark. >> we still have a potential for hail out there and right now i am tracking parts of marin county to san rafael to
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novato. it is going around with heavier train in this region and we will back them out, in the south to the west of san jose we can discuss this one cell moving in on union city and also hayward still some downpours to report. it is cooler out there, and he you definitely want to step it up outside this morning. we want to give you an idea and we will still have to hold onto the chance of a few showers with temperatures macing out -- maxing out. you can see the cold front and we still have the circulation to our north and to our west.
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we will keep the showers available for this morning and the forecast models are picking it up from the north and west and still scattered in nature and still a few pop-up showers by new orleans north. here is a look ahead with your five-day -- showers by noon. here is a look at your forecast. sunday at this point should be dry. at least three deaths are being blamed on severe weather. a tornado blew off roofs and knocked out power to thousands of people on christmas day. blizzard warnings were in effect, they had a 21 car pileup in oklahoma. and that storm is now moving
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towards george and they made a gruesome discovery in the home and the home was hit on fire. >> the proposal is coming to get us back on track for the fiscal cliff. we will have more traffic coming up, stay tuned.
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. good wednesday morning, showing some lingering rain showers, a heavier cell is approaching american canyon. sting our storm watch -- continuing our storm watch coverage, it was a white christmas in the sierra. many got stuck on interstate 880. the low visibility caused spin outs and many travelers were sick of the delays.
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>> i don't mind all the snow but we have been on the road from 16:00 a.m. both were closed eastbound and westbound and right now chains are required all the way to the nevada border. we are learning more about the death of a ski patrol person. 53-year-old bill foster and other members had set off explosives to trigger the avalanche but it broke wider than expected, burying foster in the snow. he was one of their most experienced skiers with more than 28. the search team found her in a forest on monday. the woman was attending a
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religious conference but at some point sunday night she became disoriented and got lost walking in the woods. she was only suffering from minor injuries. friends say theresa cordova was trying to shield her children as bullets came through the walls of the bethel church monday night. they spoke about her events. >> she was trying to protect the children and that's why the bullets did not hurt her. >> she is expected to recover. a man outside the church is also in stable condition. witnesses say they do not believe the church was
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wantsable for the shooting. police say he lit his home on fire to kill firefighters. the chief read chilling details about his plans. >> i still have to see how much of a neighborhood i can burn down and do what i like doing best, killing people. >> police say the note did not indicate his owe thetive. it included a semiautomatic rifle, the one that was used in newtown connecticut shooting. gina was intoxicated last thursday when she drove her car into a death of four pedestrians. two other people are hurt but are expected to survive. they shut town treat.
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it was near the corner of third and mission street and that area was closed to traffic for a while so crews could put the fire out. a recent survey found two thirds of the city's workers are obese and hurt. the children fell into those categories as well and now they are looking at paying workers. that could cost less than increasing prices for medical care. that leaves california as one of the states required to be working towards goals that are unachievable. they say basing it on teacher's
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test scores is under imageable the -- unimagable. 4:46 getting you out the door now to the mall or going to work, id pes. tara is in for sal, what is it looking like? >> okay, i am leaving now. you can see it is wet out there so definitely take it slowly, you can see bay point, those headlights as you make your way towards concord, there are no delays. westbound traffic as you make your way towards the caldecott and at the sunole free grade traffic is moving well. let's check in with mark. we tracked some real rain
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with heavy downpour and in petaluma 1.8. oakwood just over an inch and we will be adding not until later today. these are quick movers but you will and these are showers moved through and getting ready to move through in the hercules area and out towards crocket especially with the yellows out to the west, and moving to the base and south out towards the marina it looks like the bay bridge is dry and there is still lingering activities and scattered around parts of the south bay outside east of fremont and it is moving
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relatively quickly and as a result, a winter storm worning is in -- storm warning is in place for the sierra and we still have a very productive week. we have showers out there at 11:00 o'clock, still quick moving showers and there is a possibility we will run into hail that is how unstable air mass is. here is a plan at least short- term, we will hold on mainly in the low 50s as you can see antioch is 53 and with a look a head, we will have 50s
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lingering into saturday. the slide happened sunday afternoon north of five burn state park. a 50-foot section of the roadway is opened and they hope to have the park opened later this week. santa clara valley water district said the storms have brought it to 102% this time of year. the reservoir requires 32%. and getting more information about violent video games and what a company did to promote those games and the guns they showcase. streaming services are up
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and we will have more on services for movies.
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. many in newtown connecticut are turning to faith during the holidays. many say good will always overcome evil. they took a shift to make sure 26 candles stayed burning all
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day. >> they remembered nothing of what happened earlier that day, where are we they asked, this is heaven declared the small boy, we are spending christmas at god's house. >> the memorials continue to grow and people from across the road continue to drop off teddy bears and massages. the report talks about gun violence and fines states known for the laws which have -- finds states known with less death's per capita. they demonstrate that gun laws done work. >> -- don't work. they are voting to release
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the game with the guns in it and they released their latest metal of honor game. it included a website which partnered with the makers of that game as well as other assault weapon accessories. all of its streaming video service has been restored. the los gatos company is blaming a surfer for -- server for interimming interrupt -- inn corrupting its service -- interrupting its service. good morning, guys your roadways are looking clear and you can see traffic on the westbound side and up next a look at 101 through san
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francisco and you can see it is raining there and we have a little bit of rain being cameras moving ever so slightly and finally on the golden gate bridge you can see it is definitely raining but traffic is moving along very well. with we will notice scattered cells moving into the bay out towards crocket and the venetia why area and that will be a factor heading out to parts of the east bay for berkeley and here is the wider perspective. here is embarcadero as we take a wider perspective for the second half of the region, still a few scattered shower and parts of the east bay are
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approaching the fremont region. it is chilly out there, mainly in the 40s to the 50s. livermore in san jose. behind it is cold front ushered in some cold air and as a result, we will have a little bit of everything. sunshine passing clouds and the possibility of a storm with some hail out there. you may encounter that brief heavy downpour. scattered showers at 12, and we will hold onto that chance by 3:00 and these readings are only 50s but look ahead we do get a break tomorrow. a chance of a few showers by friday afternoon and it will be friday into saturday. coming up, we will look at the
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winter storm warning that is still in effect. many people will take riding the bus their new year's resolution. riders who come up with the best reasons to take a bus include movies and stores and that contest ends on friday. there is black friday but we have live coverage coming up ahead. and this is affecting thousands of people in the east bay, stay tuned, we will explain.
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